Rex and the Jets may have beat the Pats, but there was something even more exciting about to happen in Demario Davis's life.

Florham Park, N.J. – While some Jets were cutting into juicy steaks or getting bottle service in Meatpacking after Sunday’s big overtime 30-27 win against the Patriots, Demario Davis was in the hospital. The day was about to get even more celebratory for the 24-year-old linebacker.

As soon as he got in the locker room, a Jets staff member informed he’d be popping champagne bottles for another reason.

“They were like ‘Yo, Demario your wife’s in labor’ and that was my nightmare,” Davis said. “We were going to induce her on Tuesday, so we weren’t planning on anything happening.”

But something did happen and Davis didn’t know for hours.

“My wife’s water broke Sunday morning and when she got to the hospital they said it would be hours, so they decided not to tell me until after the game.”

I imagined a scene of Jets surrounding him and cheering him on as he ran out of the locker room after getting the news a la a movie, but that’s not what happened.

“My mind just went blank. I was like I’ve got to get there no matter what. So I just left my stuff there and hopped in the limo they had outside waiting for me.”

He arrived in the delivery room with his pads still on. He rushed, but his baby daughter didn’t. Bailey Grace Davis wasn’t born until early Monday morning.

Davis said he felt himself put a protective barrier over his daughter immediately. “It’s so crazy the emotions you feel,” he said smiling. “It’s an extreme high. I was like living the dream. You play a game you’ve dreamed about playing your whole life. You beat a team that everyone knows it’s so important to beat. And your daughter’s born. It’s beautiful. I’m very appreciative of the favors that god puts in my life.”

Davis is a man of strong faith. He leads the Jets locker room ministry, including their weekly bible study group. He spoke about how ready he was for God to make him a father.

Our interview was the last thing on his agenda at the facility on Thursday before he got to go home to her.

“Every time she fusses you wonder what she’s fussing about,” Davis said. “My parents are here and my wife’s parents are here helping. She’s so adorable and precious.”

Even more precious than a win against Belichick and Brady.
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