Florham Park, NJ – There are two Davis’ in the locker room. Demario Davis wears number 56 and Troy Davis sports number 58. The two Jets are both 6’2 and play linebacker. They can be easily confused. The difference: Demario had an impressive game on Sunday and Troy doesn’t hit the field at MetLife because the rookie out of Central Florida is on the practice squad. Still mix-ups happen and Davis feels a bit embarrassed when it does. “Someone told me good job on the sack yesterday,” Troy Davis said. They were obviously referring to Demario’s sack on Josh Freeman during the Jets win over the Bucaneers. He said it’s awkward “if someone congratulates me and I get someone else’s compliment.”

No, we're not talking about this guy.

Not sure how many compliments T. Davis is going to get from teammates and Jets fans on the NY Giants logo he has tattooed on his arm. I poke a little fun at the notion of him having the loyalty he possess for the cross city rivals permanently inked to his body. T. Davis insists multiple times it’s just to represent home. He grew up in Jamacia, Queens. “The Giants weren’t even my team. Fact!” Davis said, “I wasn’t really into the NFL growing up. I was more into college football. In college I started paying more attention to the NFL.”

Who knows why he didn’t get an Empire State Building tattoo instead?!

“My sophomore year, my coach asked me, ‘What if you go to the Jets?’” Davis said. “And I was like, ‘What’s the likelihood of me going to the Jets?’ Two years later, I’m here.”

He’s here at home and happy. “It’s a great feeling,” Davis said. “All my family is still up here and they’re really proud of me. Plus it’s a great organization to be a part of. Rex is a defensive guru and I play defense, so it worked out for the best.”

I’m still not completely buying the “it represents my city” alibi. Davis points to fellow practice squader Rontez Miles who has a Pittsburgh Steelers tattoo on his right arm. However, Miles doesn’t deny his fandom.

In his teens he always rooted hard for the University of Miami, but then he was accepted to play football at Central Florida and now it’s a different story. When asked if he watched the Miami game on Saturday, he said, heated up, “I ain’t watch them! I don’t like Miami no more! We’re rivals!”

I ask my go-to lighthearted locker room question. Which of your teammates would most likely figure out their way off a deserted island and save you from a life as Tom Hanks in Castaway? Davis’s eyes scan the locker room back and forth in a semi-circle. I like how much thought he’s putting into this question. “Well I want to make sure it’s someone creative,” Davis said. He finally comes to a conclusion. “Dave Harris. He’s a seasoned and intelligent man. I have a lot of confidence he’d get us off.”

If he puts as much effort into this season as he did that question, I have faith he can manage his way onto the roster. Who knows, the next compliment he gets might actually be meant for him.
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