After a weird and crazy 23-20 win against the Jacksonville Jaguars the New York Jets are 2-2. That’s two wins, two wins more than those that predicted the Jets would go 0-16 thought the Jets would get and we’re only a quarter of the way through the season. Even weirder, the Jets are currently tied with the Patriots and weirder still the Bills are division leaders at 3-1. Football is weird, man and that’s why we all love it so much.

The Jets dominated the game against the Jaguars in so many ways yet they made so many mistakes, some mind-numbingly stupid and some just freaky acts of bad luck, but they also benefitted from some good luck and Jaguars making mind-numbingly stupid mistakes. Working against the Jets, the turnovers; the first one – the Josh McCown backward pass – was a mixture of bad luck and not the smartest play call, the second one was just unlucky as McCown threw a perfectly good pass but Bilal Powell slipped as he cut and A.J. Bouye made an outstanding play. Luck worked in the Jets favor when the Jaguars defense didn’t realize no one had touched Powell when he broke out his Olympic hurdling skills and luck was certainly on their side in overtime when Paul Posluszny committed a personal foul to give the Jets the ball at the Jags 25-yard-line.

The Jets should’ve had the game won in regulation and they shouldn’t have had to sweat to do so, but sweat they did and who cares because the win counts the same regardless. So, let’s get to handing out game balls.

Bilal Powell – It started with that Olympic style hurdle – my favorite part of that play was the fact that Powell had zero hesitation in popping back up and continuing to run, his legs were moving so fast as he was getting up he almost stumbled back to the ground – but that was only the beginning. Powell went for 75 yards on that run, he finished the day with 163 rushing yards and 27 receiving yards on four carries. With Matt Forte out with turf toe, Powell got the start and as we have all been saying for over a year now, good things tend to happen when they give the ball to Powell. The Jets should keep doing that.

Elijah McGuire – Powell wasn’t the only back for the Jets breaking off huge touchdown runs and racking up all types of yards, rookie running back Elijah McGuire was trying to keep pace with the seven years older version of himself. Myself and plenty of others have been comparing McGuire to Powell since the Jets drafted him, yesterday you saw why. They are similar in style and ability and so much fun to watch. McGuire had a 69 yard touchdown run, finished the day with 93 yards on 10 carries and two catches for 38 yards. The Jaguars run defense has not been good at all this year so let’s not get too carried away, but also the Jets should listen to what I said in this tweet.

The entire offensive line – I hesitated about whether or not I should include the line here because they did allow five sacks, but it wasn’t just Powell and McGuire that allowed the Jets to run for 256 yards on 32 carries (that’s eight yards a carry) as the line did a great job giving the two backs clear paths to run through.

Kony Ealy – Really outside of the Jaguars first drive of the game the entire Jets defense could’ve have gotten a game ball. Yes, it was only against the Jaguars but that’s the team they played in this game so that’s all we can judge them on when talking about yesterday’s game. But if I have to single out one particular player – okay I don’t have to, I want to – that player is Kony Ealy. Ealy tallied three quarterback pressure and three batted passes, but it’s that one batted pass that we need to talk about. Ealy rushed Blake Bortles and swatted the pass up in the air and managed to catch it for an interception in one incredible display of athleticism. Ealy has been outstanding in his short time with the Jets so far and while plenty, including myself, have been critical of many decisions Mike Maccagnan has made the decision to claim Ealy off of waivers is one decision we can all agree Maccagnan got right.


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