Adam Gase looked happier than he ever has while attending the New York Jets press conference to introduce general manager Joe Douglas. He was effusive with his praise:

“His communication is outstanding, and his evaluation skills are unbelievable,” Gase said. “He’s probably one of the most respected personnel people around the league, not only by scouting circles but also by coaches. When I first met him that’s one of the things that I had a lot of coaches tell me—if Joe says he’s a good player, believe him…Coaches respect him.”

Douglas has a great resume and spoke like a general manager that really had an instinct for where this team is. He had better show these skills quickly. The hire was a good one but make no mistake, this is still the Adam Gase show.

That doesn’t mean I believe that the hire is a bad one. To the contrary, Joe Douglas is a smart hire. Anyone that learned for all those years under the great Ozzie Newsome and later worked as the second in command to Howie Roseman clearly knows what he is talking about. Make no mistake, Joe Douglas can evaluate football players and can identify good ones.

Coach Gase is right about that one.

So why is it still the Gase show? Because it’s his vision. Douglas stated more than once during his press conference that he and Gase shared a vision of how to build a football team. He talked about how close they became when they worked together in Chicago with the Bears and that Gase was a big reason why he took the job.

But that’s a good thing, right? I mean, it has been a long time since our general manager and coach have been on the same page. Harmony between the two parties is a good thing. However, keep this stat in mind…

Adam Gase’s vision has posted a 23-25 record as a coach. That’s not a number that brings up a lot of confident feelings. We all saw how it ended down in Miami.

Maybe it’s because he didn’t have the players to fit his vision in Miami. Sam Darnold is clearly a better quarterback than Ryan Tannehill, so there likely is some truth in that. We will find out soon enough because that “vision” will begin to take shape here in 2019.

Make no mistake. It’s Adam Gase’s vision.

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