I’m running out of ways to say that the Jets are bad. I’m a writer so I shouldn’t have much trouble finding new and creative ways to explain why something can be so embarrassingly bad, but eight years is far too long to be able to come up with new angles to describe the ineptitude of the New York Jets.

Nine years ago the Jets made their last playoff appearance, since then there’s been two different head coaches, three different GMs and too many subpar players to remember and yet it’s the same problems that continue to plague this organization. A pedestrian and prehistoric offense that is far too happy to settle for field goals combined with a defense that is capable of looking good-to-great for two-to-three quarters before imploding down the stretch, or sometimes imploding right out of the gate. Regardless of when the implosion comes, it almost always comes.

The Jets wasted a Trumaine Johnson pick-six on the opening drive and their best special teams performance on the year by settling for five field goals and having their defense continually bend all the way until it completely broke. It’s 2018 and the Jets are still trying to win games with 124 total passing yards. Yesterday was one of Jeremy Bates best games calling plays for the Jets and it was still more disaster than not, especially on third downs where the Jets were an abysmal 3-14 (somehow the Titans were just as bad, 1-11). How many third and shorts can you run a play designed to take the ball carrier backwards before he can even start to move towards the first down marker?

The Jets had possession for 33 minutes and 22 seconds and somehow only managed 15 total first downs, 15! That almost seems impossible until you see they only averaged 4.3 yards per play and then remember, oh yeah this is the Jets and it’s been like this since the beginning of time.

The Jets got out to a 16-0 lead against a Titans offense that couldn’t do anything right, then Todd Bowles tried to sit on the lead and ride it out as the rest of us watched waiting for the inevitable. You don’t win games in the NFL by simply trying to hold on, you win by going out and taking the win, but that’s not how Bowles operates and people try and tell me you don’t want to disrupt the development of Sam Darnold. Who by the way was healthy enough to play, but the Josh McCown gives the Jets the best chance to win crowd got their wish only to see McCown fall to 0-3 on the season.

Not only is it best for the future and development of Darnold for him to play now, he’s the better option if you’re trying to win games now. Sure, McCown has a higher floor but Darnold has a higher ceiling, he can make plays McCown has never been able to make and even knowing that there will be a handful of rookie mistakes each game isn’t enough to make McCown the better option. But quarterback isn’t the problem with this team, it’s a lack of talent and stale, bland and atrocious coaching.

Bowles was reportedly fuming after the game, and there was plenty to be mad at, but there’s no one Bowles should be more mad at then himself. He should be equally mad at Mike Maccagnan for having four years to assemble a decent roster and coming up with this putrid excuse for a roster, but even despite the lack of talent the Jets could’ve and should’ve had three or four more wins this season. Between the costly penalties that continue to come at the worst possible moments and the lack of any creativity or common sense applied to the offensive scheme the Jets continue to embarrass themselves further each and every week.

The Jets have now lost six in a row, we hear an awful lot of nonsense about how important it is to change the culture but not enough about how winning is the only way to actually do that successfully. It’s easy to talk about feeling the change and the different vibe in the offseason, training camp always “feels different this year,” players and coaches talk themselves into delusions just as well as fans do. But nothing will change until the Jets hire a GM and a coach that can assemble a team with talent and coach them by putting them in positions to win games.

I feel like I’ve probably said all of this before, but what else is there left to say?
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