The New York Jets had to face a tough team in the Philadelphia Eagles. It looked like it when watching the Jets offense.

That was ugly. The New York Jets looked ugly in that so-called football game. The Jets lost 31-6 but frankly it could have been 62-3. That’s how bad the Jets looked. It’s embarrassing. They put up a whopping 128 yards. It’s very sad.

With that we go into the specifics:

  • Neville Hewitt. He was all over the field today, and with a good reason. Hahaha. But getting back to basics, leading the way with 7 tackles and 2.5 assists. With players on the linebacker depth chart sitting with injuries, Hewitt gets the chance to take advantage of the extra reps, which I love. Hopefully he will get to continue his development.
  • It was another great plan written by Adam Gase. Out of 26 pass attempts, by my count, 12 of them were passes that traveled,  at the MOST, five yards. How the heck are they going to be competitive without pushing the ball down the field? Guess what? They aren’t. They need creativity. I don’t care for the excuse that Luke Falk is playing quarterback. Other teams around the league are doing just fine with their backup quarterback in there. Create some plays that will put Falk in a position to succeed, coach. Supposedly you are an offensive “guru”. Prove it.
  • We didn’t hear the name Robby Anderson very much during this one. He made one catch but for the rest of this one he couldn’t get separation. The Eagles cornerbacks were beatable, but Anderson couldn’t do it. Don’t call him a number one receiver. He may be one at some point but he isn’t there yet.
  • Can Trumaine Johnson do something beside get called for penalties? It didn’t seem like that .
  • You wouldn’t know that it’s a contract year from Leonard Williams. They don’t actually say his name very often, other than the occasional penalty. We’ll see if Quinen Williams can get give him any help

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