New York Jets Chris  Herndon will miss four games, including one each against the Browns and the Patriots.

For the New York Jets, the front line players have improved, no doubt. The depth? Not necessarily as much. Meaning? Losing anyone off of the front lines of the team is going to cause a problem. Then, we get this news earlier today:

So, there’s that. Four games to start the year for Chris Herndon for the drunk driving incident. Normally the punishment for a first offense is two games, but there were aggravating circumstances that the NFL took seriously here (per Rich Cimini of ESPN New York). The report indicates that there was a woman on the scene that claimed to be hurt, and that is what the league deemed egregious enough to take more serious action. According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Herndon plans to appeal.

There is no sympathy for Herndon here. He chose to drive drunk and he has to live with the consequences of that decision. Thank goodness the injuries were kept to a minimum or we could be talking about a much bigger situation and a great tragedy.

Herndon can recover his career from these four games. He will be just fine. The stretch of games he will miss has the potential to curtail the Jets postseason dreams right out of the gate. Unless the penalty is reduced on appeal, the Jets will have to go without Herndon against the Bills, the Browns, the Patriots and the Eagles. This stretch could easily see the Jets begin the year 1-3 and maybe even 0-4.

Needless to say, this stretch will put a lot of pressure on Eric Tomlinson, Daniel Brown and Trevon Wesco, as the roster stands right now. Sam Darnold will feel the effects of not having Herndon on the field with him.

Players need to call for rides in these situations. There is no reason why a player should be left with even the chance to drive under the influence. If Herndon doesn’t correct this problem it could stop what might be a great career, right in its tracks.






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