Florham Park, NJ – Ed Reed wouldn’t speak to the media yesterday. Some writers complained about it around sandwiches…which were really good. Today, Reed did talk today, but his frustration and disdain for those surrounding him with recorders was evident when the first question was asked.

Ed Reed had words for the media today.

What’s up with the missed tackles and big plays the Jets have allowed recently?

“You guys’ jobs is to critique, be critics,” he said. “That’s why you ask a controversial question—to try to be controversial and then trash people in the media. I could care less about that.”

The 35-year-old safety is having a rough year and the disappointment of not performing the way he had in his first 11 seasons in the league is showing. The future Hall of Famer finally got a Super Bowl ring with the Ravens last season. He had off-season surgery to repair a torn labrum in his hip, and signed a three year deal with the Texans. He was released and joined the Jets and his former defensive coordinator, Rex Ryan, in November.

“It’s been a long year,” Reed said. “Definitely not what I expected. Expectations (were) high coming into it, regardless of surgery. You know you leave a great organization thinking that you’re going somewhere else to build something, thinking they had something. But it turns out different.”

It sounds to me like he regrets the decision not to retire. However, he says otherwise.

“No regrets, though, because I’ve learned a lot this season,” Reed said.

Making the following comments about the New York media, may be his first regret. (Although, I doubt he’ll ever admit it.)

“Everything I’ve been through, I’ve been through for a reason, to learn a lot—even reading you guys’ blogs, listening to your comments, knowing half of ya’ll don’t know as much about football as you think you do, unless you come and sit in the film with us, and break the film down,” added Reed. “You don’t even know the schematic part of it.”

“You can ask the questions, but that don’t mean that you’re an expert at what we do. It’s funny to me. Reading it, I smile at it, laugh at it, but that’s your job. Some of your jobs, you tear people down, (or) try to, and tear the team down, not understand that it’s a team. You’d rather point the finger at one individual. It’s not an individual game. It’s a team sport—totally a team sport.”

At the press conference Rex laughed and supported the man he’s coached for 8 seasons. Quintessential Rex.

“Ed’s a prideful guy,” Ryan said. “I think he’s never faced criticism in his life because of the kind of player he is. He’s still an outstanding player and a great teammate and he’s a leader… Is he as good as he used to be? No, but guess what? The list really is short because you have to start with Ed Reed. In my opinion he’s the finest free safety in the history of this game. If he’s going down, he’s climbing down from the very top of the mountain, and that mountain is Everest.”

Rex tried to clear up what Reed meant when he criticized the media’s “lack of knowledge” on the sport.

“Sometimes it’s tough for players to understand that [the media doesn’t] get the coaching tape, they’re not sitting in the meetings, they can’t see everything,” Rex said. “But I’ve been around a lot of reporters and things like this, and shoot, you guys have a job to do, and you believe your eyes… If I don’t tell you whose fault it is, then you’re going to put what you see and what you believe to be that. And sometimes I won’t (say whose fault it is) to protect a player.”

Rex obviously went on and on about what an awesome guy and player Reed is. Reed showed his affection for his coach in a more simple way. He would probably only be interested in being a Jet again next year if Rex were to stay head coach.
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