Did you know Demario...?

We’re midway through the season and if you’ve read my articles, you know I like to approach my stories from a more personal angle. Before talking football with the Jet I’m interviewing, I like warming them up with some light-hearted questions that’ll help me and our readers get to know the player beyond the field. I hear interesting stories and fun facts about the guys in green that would be too random to throw into a story, so I thought I would use the bye week as an opportunity to share some of those tidbits.

-Willie Colon has a tattoo of Scar from the Lion King. Why? “Because I’ve always been the bad brother.”

-Demario Davis met his wife during his senior year of college. She strategically waited to leave the classroom when he would in hopes he would talk to her. He said he knew she wanted to talk to him. He admitted that thought was “conceited and arrogant.”  The day after they met he took her to get her car’s oil changed and knew she was “the one” saying, “I was like, ‘I have to have this woman.’”

-Austin Howard and Josh Bush both produce music in their free time and they hope to collaborate on a song and play it for the other Jets in the locker room as pump up music.

-David Nelson has 22 adoptive kids in Haiti who he supports through his charitable “I’m Me” organization. He was Tim Tebow’s roommate in college. Nelson says he’s “most likely to look like some guy that you can’t put your finger on.”

-Tommy Bohanon’s celebrity crush is Mila Kunis…but then…who doesn’t have a crush on her?

-Mike Goodson favorite hobby outside of football is roller-skating…like on four-wheels.

-Brian Winters says the high he gets running onto the field at MetLife doesn’t even come close to the intense natural high he gets hunting deer. He’s already been to Woody Johnson’s farm multiple times to go hunting with him and some of his coaches.

-Sheldon Richardson loves the video game NBA 2K. If he wasn’t a football player, he’d want to be a basketball player. (This was many Jets “fallback” career.)

-Darrin Walls is known as the “best dressed” on the team. His favorite store is Zara.

-Antonio Cromartie and D’Brickashaw Ferguson lead the Jets weekly Bible study.

-Jeff Cumberland has a tradition of going to CVS the night before a game to get Red Bulls, White cheddar Cheese-Its, and Goldfish to eat during meetings.

-Leger Douzable goes home to Brooklyn once a week for his mama’s home cooking. His favorite is her macaroni and cheese. (A favorite food amongst many Jets.)

-Troy Davis has a New York Giants tattoo. (I included this in an article, but I’m reiterating it.)

-Jaiquawn Jarrett makes sound effects that coincide with what’s going on on the field, particularly when a teammate flubs up.

If you have any other off-topic/non-football related questions you’d like me to ask the Jets, please suggest them!
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