Finally the New York Jets have started to schedule interviews for the vacant general manager position. As noted by Rich Cimini of ESPN, the list of names includes Joe Douglas, Champ Kelly, and Scott Fitterer. Terry Fontenot and George Paton also have been asked, but there is a report from Connor Hughes of the Atlantic that Paton turned the Jets down. By the way, he’s done that before. Twice.

Could this be foreshadowing a difficult search ahead?

There has been a lot of talk about this being Douglas’ job to lose. Well, nothing has happened there. I know, I know. The interviews are just getting started. But this search process is giving off a vibe that it could take longer than first thought.

Here are two reasons why:

1. The Ownership Situation

As we head to 2020, the situation with the Johnson family becomes very interesting. Right now it’s Christopher Johnson. We have a presidential election coming up in 2020, and the incumbent president has Woody Johnson stationed in the UK. What happens if President Trump is not elected for a second term?

Most likely, Woody Johnson comes on home. Now what? We truly have no idea how big of a role Christopher Johnson will have. It’s still Woody’s team. What if Woody doesn’t like the decisions that have been made? I am sure that he has been in contact with the team through back channels, but it’s only natural that once back in charge to have different ideas.

As human beings, it would be understandable for candidates to question what the future might hold after joining the ranks of Gang Green. When taking a new position, it’s always about the future. Is this a good position for me/my family? These thoughts will go through the heads of each of these people when considering the Jets.

Remember, it has happened before. The Jets tenuous ownership situation cost them Bill Belichick a long time ago. No that wasn’t the same then as it is now. But the point is, people think about these types of things.

It could happen again.

2. The Gase Factor

You have heard a lot from me about Adam Gase. Needless to say I have not been happy with him or what he has done. And I believe it will trickle into this general manager search.

Just look at the facts. Adam Gase pulled a power play on Mike Maccagnan, after Maccagnan played a part in hiring him. Whether you like the results that Maccagnan put out over the years, this is what happened. Gase wanted Maccagnan out and he didn’t stop until Christopher Johnson got him out, despite the fact that he said he didn’t know it was coming.

You know better than that, Jets fans. Gase knew EXACTLY what he was doing. That is where we are.

If I was a candidate, even if Gase knew me, knowing he throws guys under the bus at a moment’s notice, would give me pause before taking this job. It’s not as if Gase worked hand in hand with Joe Douglas, Champ Kelly, or anyone else. They briefly crossed paths in other organizations. You think if Gase doesn’t agree with Joe Douglas at some point in the future that he won’t stage a similar power play? Why not? It’s clearly in his DNA.

It’s what he does, and that would cause me to seriously question if I could take this job.

Maybe this job search goes smoothly and they sign a great candidate quickly. I just wouldn’t be so sure.

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