After teasing us for weeks, toying with our emotions and feeding off of our desire to obsess over anything new in the world of football the NFL has finally released the full schedule for the 2014 regular season.

The 2014 schedule has been released and Rex and Marty don't look happy at their week six and seven itinerary. ( photo)

Fans can start planning road trips now and start deciding which games they want to see and everybody can start chiming in with their way too early season projections. For now let’s just take a look at the schedule and see what immediately jumps out, good and bad.

WEEK 1) vs. Raiders 1 pm

WEEK 2) @ Packers 4:25 pm

WEEK 3) vs. Bears MNF

WEEK 4) vs. Lions 1 pm

WEEK 5) @ Chargers 4:25 pm

WEEK 6) vs. Broncos 1 pm

WEEK 7) @ Patriots TNF

WEEK 8 vs. Bills 1 pm

WEEK 9) @ Chiefs 1 pm

WEEK 10) vs. Steelers 1 pm


WEEK 12) @ Bills 1 pm

WEEK 13) vs. Dolphins MNF

WEEK 14) @ Vikings 1 pm

WEEK 15) @ Titans 4:05 pm

WEEK 16) vs. Patriots 1 pm

WEEK 17) @ Dolphins 1 pm

After opening the season at home against the Raiders the Jets schedule gets tough real fast. In weeks two-six the Jets defense will face six of the best passing teams in the league, first Aaron Rodgers then Cutler and his receiving duo, followed by the Lions and Chargers before finishing off the stretch with the Broncos then the Patriots, on Thursday night once again, four days later.

That’s certainly going to be a rough stretch and a taxing stress on the Jets secondary, but after that brutal stretch the skies start to clear for the Jets. Over the final nine weeks the Jets get both the Bills and Dolphins twice, the Vikings and Titans with the Chiefs, Steelers and Patriots looking like the three toughest games of the bunch.

Players always say the only thing they really care about with the schedule is where the bye week is and they always want it smack dab in the middle of the season. The Jet players won’t get that wish fulfilled this season, as the bye is in week 11, but if they can’t have it directly in the middle of the season they’d prefer it to be after the halfway point.

A few other interesting notes; the Jets only have one stretch of back-to-back road games, at Vikings and at Titans in weeks 14 and 15.

Weeks two-five consist of three straight games versus the NFC North division.

A total of three prime-time games, two Monday night games, week three versus the Bears, week 13 versus the Dolphins and one Thursday night game at the Patriots.

For the second straight year the Jets will finish the season in sunny Miami, maybe this year instead of celebrating their coach receiving an extension they can celebrate a earning a playoff birth in Miami.

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