I know all of the video gamers are out there. Those of us that can’t play football on the field take our skills to the video screen to play every fan’s favorite game, “Madden”. Fans of all ages, present company included, get great joy about playing their favorite teams in the legendary game.

Well the newest version is available for pre-order. For anyone who doesn’t know, when the game is preparing to come out, EA Sports released the ratings, in little bits at a time, throughout the summer. Fans love to debate the ratings, and even players talk about them from time to time. It’s a fun way to pass the time.

The ratings have begun to be released, starting with the class of 2019. That’s right, the rookie ratings have been announced. Jets fans, here are your rookie overall ratings:

Quinnen Williams: 80

Jachai Polite: 72

Trevon Wesco: 69

Blake Cashman: 68

Greg Dortch: 65

Chuma Edoga: 65

Jalin Moore: 65

Blessuan Austin: 62

Calvin Anderson: 55

I like how they decided to include undrafted free agents in the rankings. I find it even more interesting that one of them has a comparable rating to drafted players, see Greg Dortch.

They clearly are high on the speed of Dortch and Cashman, with them being given an 87 and a 90 speed rating respectively. Add an acceleration rating of 90 on Dortch and the Madden folks clearly believe this guy could make the team at a minimum as a returner. If Cashman sticks, he could at least make an impact in the video game.

Williams as an overall 80 makes sense, as we all know he is likely to be the prized selection of the 2019 Jets’ class. He is expected to make a big impact as a rookie and his rating reflects that opinion. Polite’s ratings are interesting. If you take away is awareness rating he would be ranked the same if not higher than Williams. I am of the opinion that Polite could surprise everyone this year and make a bigger impact than expected. The Madden adjusters clearly agree.

Comment with your thoughts on these ratings.

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