Joe “Bam Bam” Douglas is the man in charge. After fumbling their way through the Mike Maccagnan exit, the New York Jets have the man they were looking for. They have ended up with the marquee name in available executives and now he has a staff. The Jets, in their own Jets way, may finally have a plan to move ahead.

Prior to that, the Jets hired Adam Gase to coach the team, in a move that has polarized the fan base just a bit. After three failed years in Miami that resulted in a 23-25 record, Gase comes to New York without any time as a coordinator to learn from his mistakes. Many of us, myself included, still have reservations here.

The question is how long of a leash does Gase have? Working under Maccagnan you could make the argument that Gase had the potential to be a “one and done”. Think about it. 2019 is going to be his fourth consecutive year as a head coach. Four years without a playoff appearance is long enough to lose your job. Just ask Todd Bowles.

That four years will also have been spent in the AFC East. Gase should have more than a good enough understanding of the division that should lift a roster to wins. Sam Darnold is the most talented quarterback Gase has worked with in the position of head coach. There should be improvement from last season even with a new head coach, and heads should roll if not, right?

But now there is a new regime in place. It’s very different than an arranged marriage. The coach has the general manager that he wanted. They are familiar with each other so they theoretically should be on the same page. It could be a match made in heaven.

Making an imprint on a roster takes time, however. It doesn’t happen overnight, and Joe Douglas arguably can’t put his stamp on the team until after this season.

The point is that with the change, the odds of Adam Gase being a “one and done” decreases immensely. He likely has a minimum of two seasons to set this on the right path.
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