The Jets skilled position players have been a much-maligned group for years. Remember a couple of years ago, when the Jets were heading into the season with Josh McCown? The Jets were dubbed the worst roster in the league. Especially when talking about the national media, we talk about the lack of respect for our Jets.

But could the tide be changing, even just a little bit?

Recently, Gregg Rosenthal of wrote an article predicting the starters in each division. Look what Rosenthal had to say when talking about the team from Florham Park:

Darnold has the best skill-position supporting cast in the division, and it’s not particularly close. From perhaps the best three-down back in football to deep speed and a surplus of options between the hashmarks, new coach Adam Gase has a little bit of everything…This is the most talented Jets roster in years.

To be honest, I thought I was reading something about a different division. I couldn’t believe the Jets actually received praise from a member of the national media.

But after coming down from the high of hearing the praise, I started to think about the statement and how good this group really can be. Could they be the best in the division? It’s certainly a possibility, but there are a lot of “ifs” that would have to go the Jets way.

Other than Le’Veon Bell of course. There really isn’t anything we need to question about him, despite the fact he hasn’t gone to voluntary workouts. That’s why they are voluntary. Anyone that is still worried about him can just look at his Instagram page. Bell will be the one that nobody has to worry about.

Quincy Enunwa was coming into his own after a strong 2016 season that saw him put up 857 yards and four touchdowns. He added 449 yards on 38 catches last year. He is a guy that can go inside or outside as a strong outlet for Sam Darnold. The trouble is that he has not been healthy over the last two seasons. Enunwa is an enigma of sorts. He’s a force to be reckoned with if he can stay on the field.

Robby Anderson is rapidly becoming one of the best deep threats in the entire league. He and Sam were exciting to watch last year. Will the chemistry continue? The same can be said for Christopher Herndon. He looked really good last year, but we can’t guarantee that will continue. I’m not trying to be negative, we just don’t know.

Don’t forget about Jamison Crowder either. He has a lot of potential to be huge for this offense. His presence in the slot can do wonders for Robby Anderson, clearing space for him on the outside. Crowder may be a real difference maker, especially with Adam Gase creating plays to get him in space. However, we don’t really know if he will click with the quarterback. Some quarterback-receiver duos just don’t mix.

Rich Cimini of ESPN believes the Jets need one more receiver on the outside. He may be right, I’m not sure. National praise not withstanding, the Jets skilled position group can be very good. They must be able to answer all of the “ifs”.



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