The Quarterback position is the most important position to get right in the NFL Draft for a General Manager. Select a below average guy, and the team will be in the depths of mediocrity for years to come. Get it right, and the rewards are beyond imagination. Many teams in the NFL drafted Quarterbacks in the first round and have mixed reviews from different franchises. The Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Rams traded up for their QB’s two years ago. The result has both teams competing for a conference championship this season. Teams like the Browns, Jaguars, and Bills have whiffed on 1st round QB’s while each team’s postseason droughts continue. For the New York Jets, this year’s upcoming rookie class looks to be filled with talented signal-callers. With most fans and media members expecting the Jets to go “all-in” on a QB in the 2018 draft, the question now moves to; will they get the right guy?

According to Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller, the Jets have already started their quarterback scouting and are impressed with one of the top prospects.

Miller is a lead draft writer for Bleacher Report and has worked with the Jets website before.While Josh Allen’s numbers this season don’t stand out (1,658 yards and 13 touchdowns with six interceptions) the potential and raw talent and build is what could make him an early 1st round pick. At 6’5″ 210lbs. Allen has the build of an NFL Quarterback. In comparison, Carson Wentz is 6’5″ 230lbs. Many “Twitter experts” believe that Allen has had a rough year and that should lower his draft stock because of his “lack” of pocket awareness, touch, and overall accuracy. Allen is only completing 56% of his passes this season. Throughout several games this season, Allen has been overwhelmed back pressure against some athletic teams. A 24-3 debacle to Iowa on opening day and a 49-13 loss to Oregon has made many Jets fans move away from the idea that Allen could be the savior at QB the Jets are searching for. Mike Maccagnan, however, seems to have a plan as he continues to scout the several first-round talents at QB.

The first thing to note when judging Josh Allen’s college resume to guys like Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield is that he isn’t on a great team. Wyoming is not a program that has developed NFL talent and the offensive line this season has been very poor in the Mountain West Conference. Even with a lack of talent around him, Allen has the Cowboys at 7-3 overall (5-1 in Conference play). While the MWC is nowhere near a power-5 conference, Allen winning football games with poor talent around him should impress many NFL scouts.

Most starting NFL Quarterbacks nowadays don’t come from the top schools in college football. While players like DeShaun Watson and Tom Brady hail from big football programs, most of the NFL’s top passers are from smaller schools that run NFL-style offenses. To compare, Carson Wentz and Joe Flacco come from FCS schools but ran pro-style offenses. In fact, many of Wentz’s plays on the Eagles have come from variations of his college days at North Dakota St. Being in a pro-style offense in college is critical for QB’s because they normally don’t need the same amount of time to develop as passers who were in college-orientated offenses. The Wyoming Cowboys run a more pro-style offense that looks very similar to what North Dakota St. likes to run. This is great news for pro-Allen fans.

The final point to make on the Allen news is this. Obviously, Allen will not be the only QB that Mike Maccagnan and his scouts will look at when college Pro Days and the NFL Combine begin. The fact that reports say that the Jets are highly interested in the 6’5″ passer means that they are fully committed to grabbing the best available QB when they draft. Sitting at 4-6, it is unlikely that the Jets will get a top 10 overall pick in this year’s draft. Many of the NFL starters and star QB’s have come from the 11th overall-26th overall picks in round one (Big Ben, Watson, Rodgers). Just because they lose out on a guy like Darnold, doesn’t mean that Allen is the wrong choice. Stay patient Jets fans. There is still a long way to go.

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