With New York Jets training camp opening, we get to see a little bit of the creativity from the mind of Adam Gase.

Finally, New York Jets camp is here. It’s hard to believe with the countless days of 90+ degrees so far this summer but it’s true. Football really is here. Two open practices are history and the preseason is rapidly approaching. Happy days are ahead.

I happened to attend camp for the first two practices open to the public, July 27-28. It was great to see the guys out there in pads once again, but that is far from the point of this article.

When attending camp, it’s often not easy to figure out what to look for. You can watch the quarterback and chart his completions if you are into that sort of thing. Of course we watch Le’Veon Bell‘s reps to see how he looks coming from a year off. But what else? What can you glean from these preseason workouts?

With a new coach in the fold in Adam Gase, it can become interesting to watch the offense. Why? Schemes, that’s why. We can watch the plays called, though limited with the public there, and get some insights into how coach Gase might use some of the weapons in this offense.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a great view of the main field, but I did have a clear view of one particular play. I couldn’t tell yard markers or anything else, but Robby Anderson was lined up on the left side of the formation. At the snap, Anderson came across the field on a crossing route. Sam Darnold hit him in stride and he went for a big handful of yards after the catch.

Anderson has been marginalized as the “deep threat” and nothing else. In the past, if he isn’t running a go route down the sidelines, we haven’t seen much of Robby Anderson and his involvement with the offense. The play described above felt almost foreign, in a sense. I don’t recall seeing Robby do that, ever.

It tells us that coach Gase is going to put speed to good use here. He is going to get his quickest players the football in space and let them make plays. Instead of defining roles, if this is a hint of anything, it’s a hint that he will let his players be players.

We should be happy about that.



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