Well, we made it to the fighting portion of training camp. It’s that time of camp where players are sick of the players they line up against every practice. The difference this time is there’s no preseason games coming up to give them a break from each other.

It all appeared to start with Neville Hewitt and Alex Lewis. Pushing and shoving, clutching and grabbing, turned into a giant pile of jostling. Then on the next play it turned into Jordan Jenkins versus Lewis. Punches were thrown and challenges issued. Greg Van Roten took issue with Jenkins, it looked like it was about to get ugly for a second before cooler heads prevailed. Those cooler heads were, Sam Darnold, Le’Veon Bell and Marcus Maye playing peacemaker.

Darnold and Bell both walked into the defensive sidelines to talk to Jenkins and company. Maye did the same to the offensive huddle. They were entirely peaceful interactions, including the reactions to them but with no one else to go up against for weeks, this might not be done.


Chris Hogan got the nickname 7-11 when he was in training camp with the Dolphins, because they said he was always open. That’s not entirely true though, otherwise he’d still be on the Dolphins. So, I’d like to submit a nickname change to Quick Food Store. Allow me to explain.

I moved into my current house about 13 years ago. One of the biggest draws of this specific house was I lived in walking distance to a 7-11. I was still going out to bars and having people over a lot, so having a 7-11 right there was clutch for late-night snacking. A few years ago the store changed. It was no longer a 7-11 and it was no longer open 24 hours. Now it’s a Quick Food Store, sometimes they close at 10 pm. Sometimes they close at 9 pm and they’ll occasionally close even earlier. But it’s still within walking distance. It’s still convenient and it still gets the job done. It can’t offer everything I need, but it’s reliable in a pinch.

That’s Chris Hogan. He’s not the solution to the Jets receiver woes. He can’t do everything they need, but he’s reliable in a pinch. And make no mistake, the Jets are in a pinch at receiver. Today Hogan made a handful of nice plays, including a one-handed grab across the middle. Hogan will do his job and be exactly where Darnold needs him to be. He won’t always beat his man and get open. You can’t even expect that he’ll be open on every play that you expect him to get open. But if you’re aware of these limitations you can absolutely use him to get you what you need, when you need it.


After going multiple practices without throwing an interception, Sam Darnold has now thrown an interception in back-to-back practices. This one didn’t appear to be his fault. It seemed to be a miscommunication with Darnold throwing to a spot and Jeff Smith running a wrong route.

Bradley McDouglad doesn’t care about the why, he did his job and snagged the pick. McDouglad was minding his business, manning the middle of the field, keeping everything in front of him. Then he saw the pass was up for grabs, so he went and grabbed it. Outside of this play Darnold had another solid day, but he and Smith would definitely like to have that one back.


Basham has quietly had an excellent camp. It’s training camp so take from it what you will, but day after day he continues to flash. He’s not dominating all by himself, but every day I see a handful of impressive reps from him. How much of that is due to his play versus going against this offensive line? That I can’t tell you yet. But he’s impressed me enough that I’ll be keeping a close eye on him going forward.


Breshad Perriman didn’t practice today. He was held out with some minor knee-swelling and will be back for the next practice.

We got to see Brian Poole today. Not on the field but he was outside with his teammates. We were told Poole has an underlying medical condition that caused an extreme reaction with his dehydration. Nothing beyond that to be respectful of his privacy, but he is progressing.

Rookie cornerback Bryce Hall was also outside today. Also not practicing, but he’s getting closer as well.

The Jets, along with numerous other teams, had a brief COVID-19 scare yesterday. They had 10 positive test results and canceled a walk through. It turned out that they were all false-positives and today they were back to business as usual.


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