Florham Park, NJ – Sheldon Richardson knows how the New York media works, today he decided to use a the reporters “thirst” to his advantage and land an unprovoked shot at one of his old teammates.

Richardson was the first player to talk to reporters today and after brushing off the rumors of the Jets looking to trade him during the draft (he said he didn’t pay attention to it and won’t pay attention to it until he gets a call that says he’s no longer a Jet) and talking about going back to a full time three-technique lineman Richardson was asked a simple question, “do you want to be here?”

Richardson said yes, but then took a sharp right to set up his punch(line). “The locker room is a whole lot easier to get along with no, so yeah,” Richardson said. Everyone in that room knew what he meant, but watch the video and listen to the chorus of people saying, “why’s that?” Then watch Richardson’s reaction, he played it off like it was unexpected but he knew exactly what he was doing and from an entertainment standpoint it was beautifully executed. “Y’all so thirsty,” Richardson said with a smile, but he knows he’s the one that waved the ice cold drink in our faces. “Let’s just say there’s 15 reasons why I think it’s better.”

15 reasons is an obvious shot at the player that wore number 15 for the Jets last year, one Brandon Marshall. Richardson and Marshall got into a tiff after the game in Kansas City last year, you remember the one where Ryan Fitzpatrick threw six interceptions and somehow stayed in the game to throw those six interceptions, and they traded subtle jabs back-and-forth throughout the season. Clearly Richardson is holding onto that grudge and sure it would be better for him to simply let it go, but it’s so much more entertaining this way and it’s all so harmless so it’s best to just laugh and enjoy it because it was glorious.


Chris Nimbley is the editor-in-chief of JetsInsider.com. He can be reached on Twitter (@cnimbley), or via email (cnimbley@gmail.com)

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