The Jets got molly wopped by the Raiders yesterday, we all knew that was the most likely scenario, and if you’re looking for positive spin about this season then, sorry I can’t help you there. But what I can do is give you some positive spin for the future.

Whether you’re team tank or anti-tank doesn’t really matter because the 2017 Jets are simply a bad football team. This season fans should be focused on the development of young players and only the development of young players. Don’t get upset at the losses because they are inevitable, just focus on which players show enough promise that you can be excited about using a top draft pick and $80 plus million in cap space to build around next year.

Brandon Shell – Really the entire offensive line performance has been encouraging so far, even Dakota Dozier looked solid on first look as he had to step in to backup Brian Winters. James Carpenter was great again as expected, Kelvin Beachum has been impressive as well, but it’s the second-year right tackle Brandon Shell that gives the most hope for the future. Shell was great last week and he held up remarkably well again. The future is bright for the young tackle as he looks to be one of Mike Maccagnan’s best moves as a GM. In the 2016 draft Maccagnan traded up into the fifth-round to take Shell and if we’re going to crush Maccagnan for his draft misses – as we should because it has been mostly bad – we should give him credit for the few moves that have worked.

Offensive line play is a problem for most teams in the NFL right now, hell I’ve been critical of the Jets line for the past couple of years but it’s been a whole lot better than what most teams are dealing with. Shell looks like we can pencil him in as a quality right tackle for years to come, which will give the Jets one fewer positions to address next offseason.

Jamal Adams – Jamal Adams is another decision Maccagnan got right, but like the Leonard Williams pick it’s hard to give Maccagnan too much credit for them since they both fell into his lap. Adams has been impressive since the day he walked in the door, you’ve heard the stories about his leadership and alpha mentality and now you’re seeing it on display on the field. Adams and fellow rookie Marcus Maye (more on him next) are constantly being put in a bad spot because of how ineffective the defense in front of them has been, but they continue to shine regardless and if the Jets can fix some of the deficiencies in this defense next year then it’ll free up Adams and Maye to become more of playmakers.

Marcus Maye – Many criticized Maccagnan’s decision to draft safeties with the first two picks in the draft but considering how badly the safeties played last year it always seemed like a good decision. Along with Adams, Maye is making this Maccagnan decision look good. Considering they’ve only played two games in the NFL it makes their early good play all that more impressive. With so much chaos happening due to poor play in front of them Maye and Adams have been excellent in cleaning up the mess their defensive teammates keep throwing at their feet and if nothing else it sure is fun to watch Maye hit people because good lord he delivers some vicious hits when he drops his shoulder. The most impressive part of Adams’ and Maye’s performance yesterday is the zero missed tackles despite their teammates putting them in bad spots.

Jermaine Kearse – Time to give Maccagnan credit again (don’t worry I’ll be focusing on all the legitimate reasons to criticize Maccagnan later in the week and yes those reasons far outweigh the good). When Maccagnan pulled off the trade of Sheldon Richardson for Jermaine Kearse and a second-round pick from the Seahawks I gave Maccagnan credit for getting the second-round pick, I brushed of the acquisition of Kearse as a mere throw-in. So far Kearse is making me look dumb. Kearse has played great so far, he’s not putting up eye-popping stats or anything but he’s been the Jets clear number one receiver and he’s relying on Josh McCown to get him the ball and oh yeah, he just got here a couple of weeks ago. The Jets have other young talent at receiver but it’s clear that McCown trusts Kearse to do what he’s supposed to do more than any other receiver and Kearse should only get better as he fully adjusts to his new team and they adjust to his skill set.

Elijah McGuire – Matt Forte led the team in carries yesterday and despite the fact that he had a relatively productive day (nine carries for 53 yards and four receptions for 38 yards) that is not a good thing. Bilal Powell should be getting the most touches and more than that rookie Elijah McGuire needs touches too so he can develop and the Jets can see what he can do. Yesterday was a good start, but we need to see more. McGuire was solid yesterday, nothing spectacular but considering he didn’t get any snaps Week One it was good to see him get six carries (for 29 yards with a long of 11 yards) and two targets in the passing game. McGuire’s ceiling is probably close to Bilal Powell clone, but give him more touches and let’s see what he can do.

Jordan Jenkins – Once again Jenkins is the victim of the media twisting his words out of context. All over Twitter last night you saw tweets like this

What you saw little of is the rest of Jenkins’ quote which you can see here shared by The Record’s Andy Vasquez.

Yes Jenkins was “pissed,” but he wasn’t pissed at Lynch. He was pissed that the defense gave Lynch something to be dancing and celebrating. This is exactly the type of response fans should want players to have, Lynch and the Raiders should be allowed to celebrate and have fun and the Jets should be pissed that they gave them that reason. Unfortunately it’s much easier to just share the first part of the quote and to conveniently ignore the rest.


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